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    Faculty of Medicine

Leadership Organization

According to the statute of the University of Montenegro, the Dean of the faculty is responsible for faculty affairs. More specifically, the Dean oversees educational activities and scientific research related activities, manages international cooperation, and nominates Vice Deans.

Additionally, the Dean nominates Coordinators of the Study Programmes. One coordinator is chosen from the professors in each study programme.

The Dean also presides the Faculty Council which is made up of the all elected professors and a certain number of students. The Council is considered the expert body of the faculty.

The Dean nominates and leads the Dean's Collegium, a team of experts that includes the Dean, Vice Deans, Heads of Study Programmes and the Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine.

The Secretary of the Faculty is in charge of administrative and technical jobs.

Dean collegium

Dekan Goran Nikolić
Acc. Prof. dr Goran Nikolić
e-mail : nikolicg@ac.me

Vice Dean for Education

Vice dean for Science 
Prodekan za nastavu Doc. dr 
Olivera Miljanović Prodekan za nauku Doc. dr 
Bogdan Pajović
Prof. dr Olivera Miljanović
e-mail : oliveram@ac.me
Prof. dr Bogdan Pajović
e-mail : bogdanp@ac.me

Vice Dean for International Relations

Head of Dentistry Programme

Prodekan za međunarodnu saradnju Doc. dr 
Miroslav Radunović Rukovodilac studijskog programa Stomatologija Doc. dr Jasminka Anđelić
Prof. dr Miroslav Radunović
e-mail : miroslavr@ac.me
Prof. dr Jasminka Anđelić
e-mail : jasminka@ac.me

Head of Pharmacy Programme

Head of Applied Physiotherapy Programme


Head of Higher Medical School Programme

Coordinator of Specialization Programmes for Medical Doctors

  Koordinator za specijalizacije ljekara Prof. dr Ljubica Pejakov
Prof. dr. Bogdan Pajović
e-mail : bogdanp@ac.me
Prof. dr Ljubica Pejakov
e-mail : ljubicap@ac.me
Coordinator of doctoral studies Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine
  Bachelor of laws Sanja Vojinović
Phone : +382 20 246 625
e-mail: sekretarmedf@ac.me